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28. November 2013 4 28 /11 /November /2013 16:45

I'm not even sure if I'm supposed to write these lyrics after Stasy from Hot Mama already had a try at it. Maybe that after accepting two of my lyrics Hot Mama might make it three ;-)


I'm not at all interested in car racing, hence I have no inkling of their jargon. Neither did I know anything about "Beco". Fortunately, there is the internet. I bookmarked the following 'helpers' to supply me with background knowledge and phrases I could use:


Wikipedia on Formula One


History of Ayrton Senna


about his death (Wikipedia again - I use it a lot when researching)


Motorsport terms (guess where I found them - yes, you're correct)


If you're not familiar with a subject that's the first step to lyrics writing: doing research on what you are supposed to write about, focussing on terms and phrases.


More tomorrow.

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