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27. Juni 2014 5 27 /06 /Juni /2014 16:33

... that I will place right after the first chorus and BEFORE the third verse for obvious(?) reasons:


I'm hearing cheerful laughter
and also angry shouts
coming from the playground
a lively mix of sounds
I watch a couple holding hands
I see a young girl cry
an old man's smiling to himself
I won't get to know why


You see, "on the human condition" is NOT supposed to be a song about people dying, quite the contrary! Therefore, I needed a bridge that deals with having fun or - more broadly - with being alive. But now the bridge doesn't lead over to the chorus so I had to place it before the last verse:


a new motorbike
that ran smooth and fast
smashed its driver on a (concrete) wall
some old nasty crook
enjoys his old age
made millions by means that appall


It follows the chorus that might (should?) be repeated:


some go too soon
some die too late
call it bad luck
or call it fate
it's all part of
the human state


Now I thing the text is rounded out. Yet another 'carpe diem' lyric.

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