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21. August 2014 4 21 /08 /August /2014 16:21

I'm robbing - or plagiarizing - myself. The other day I had published "the answer", a song from 2002 that I up to then found quite too embarrassing to publish, yet now decided is not that bad at all. Well, it 'made it' only to the end of my list which is arranged by the (subjective) embarrassment factor of the songs (sorted in ascending order: the last song is the worst; only the first few positions are exempt from this order). Anyway: the song was on my mind as were its lyrics.


Then there was backing track 2014-07, among others, that lacked vocals because I had no lyrics. I wrote some words, using quite a few repetitions, using the basic idea from "the answer" (although the words may differ, the idea behind them is the same).


the answer:


in the land
of my fantasy
I met this girl
she fell in love with me
in blooming meadows
we danced
and we kissed
and laughed
and loved

yes, I know
that you must be somewhere
I've dreamed you
that's why I'm sure


second sight (the new song):


you walk
through my dream
like a shade
of a thought
or a beam
of dim light
in the night

you feel
like a touch
hardly sensed
a faint sound
nothing much
a second sight

I know you're there
or anywhere

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