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29. November 2013 5 29 /11 /November /2013 08:08

This is what I have put down so far orientating myself by Stasy's draft. The two verses (?) should be fine. As for the longer part I don't know. Stasy also had a kind of outro dealing with Beco's death.


Go! the green flag is up
nerves of steel will win
the tension's palpable
the roar is deafening

Go! let the tyres screech
smell the rubber burn
retain full concentration
through to the final turn

once again this moment

that takes your breath away
when you go full throttle

after a slingshot pass
showing your competitors
you're in a different class
feel the masses in the stands
support you, cheer and whoop
while you break all limits
to bring off your coup

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Published by Texter Bernd
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