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13. Juli 2014 7 13 /07 /Juli /2014 13:02

... yet only two more lyrics 'officially' published so far. For a singer-songwriter(!) I wrote three lyrics, "much too long", "ride into the sun", and "will have to make it through the winter". A fourth text we wrote together "I'm so lonely" - he wrote the first verse and gave it the title, I added two more verses in the same manner. Quite simple, yet should work nicely:

I'm so lonely
I'm so lo-honely
I'm so lonely tonight
I'm so needy
so very needy
I'm so needy tonight
need your lovin'
I need your lovin'
need your lovin' tonight


As for now I only published two other lyrics on my web site that I've written in the meantime: "leave me in the cold", and "gonna have a ball". I actually wrote the latter to match Jürgen's music (that's the singer-songwriter I just mentioned). But then I found that the content or message of my text did not at all go together with the music's mood so I wrote "ride into the sun" instead.

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