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5. August 2014 2 05 /08 /August /2014 13:44

A political song, for a change. I won't bore you with any details. I simply put down what goes on in my mind when I'm hearing the news about Palestine, the Ukraine, Syria, and so on. This is just the chorus that I'm a little proud of:


too little truth in your countless words
your sympathy lacks honesty
too many lies told with faithful eyes
your diplomacy pure hypocrisy


You'll find the rest of the lyrics where you find all things Harmsen (not yet, though...)


Oh, lest I forget: originally I intended to call the song "foreign affairs" - but then I decided that I would write a completely different text to that particular title ;-)

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Published by Texter Bernd
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dawlia 01/28/2015 12:20

جزاكم الله خيرا"

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