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12. September 2013 4 12 /09 /September /2013 09:22

I wrote the lyrics rather quickly - over the lunch break. There is one line that I want in but didn't quite match the language of the rest of the lyrics:


at an early age
you'd reached the top
you touched the stars
could not be stopped
*** banged many girls ***
basked in your fame
you made the rules
it was your game


The line in question was criticised very much because of the word "bang" - mainly by women ;-) Maybe the British would have preferred "shag"? One suggestion said to replace it with "slept with many girls". But then I came across another comment on a different board where someone criticised not that particular term, but found the "many girls" too corny. So, instead of replacing the vulgar term with a 'decent' one I now tend to make it "screwed all the girls".


This is the chorus:



too high too fast
it could not last
time has come you're falling

too slick, too steep
the fall is deep
in dirt and dust you're crawling


And here is the bridge that so far nobody seemed to understand (one got close):


take my hand if you like
I've waited for you to pass by
be my friend for a while
show me that you can flash a smile
see, I've got some cheap wine
let's have a drink on changing times
I can show you around
could teach you how to hold your ground


A hint to the attentive reader: the "cheap wine" should give you a clue at least to my own interpretation - that need not be the only valid one, mind you.

The lyrics are nothing new or special, EXCEPT the bridge that I'm really proud of.

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