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5. September 2013 4 05 /09 /September /2013 13:10

... is the next project I'm working on. I'm writing lyrics to match music by Hot Mama from Freiberg near Dresden (check them out - it's sure worth it). The first part had to be matched with the tune, writing the middle part was similar to writing to match chord progressions: just filling the gaps, otherwise I was free. I smuggled in the odd rhyme here and there, however. At the moment we are discussing the outro: we could simply repeat the first two verses with a few added lines or I'd have to rewrite the whole part. There is no chorus or similarly 'conventional' structure in the song. The most conventional part in the song will be my lyrics ;-)


The strongest part with regard to my lyrics is the very beginning:


she holds her child
in her arms
with shaky voice sings her a lullaby


Usually, I'm not good at 'painting images', these few lines paint a strong one!

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