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13. Dezember 2013 5 13 /12 /Dezember /2013 19:51

... will be the new title of the former "let's bully him". Someone told me that the term "bully" refers to schoolyard thugs, not to older ones, so my lyrics, namely the verses, did not fit. I'm not that sure, since the dictionaries seem to define it differently. But the lyrics or pieces of text that I found on the internet actually all seemed to deal with schoolyard stories. Then there was my own concern that no thug or bully or whatever the young men without hair but armed with baseball bats are called would put it like that. The song is meant cynical, of course - nonetheless this bothered me. At last I decided to rewrite the chorus and alter the title to "let's rough him up", a line that seemed to stand out in the chorus anyway. I also scrapped the line "drive him into suicide".


This is the new chorus:


then let's rough him up
give him a hard time
see how much he can take
before he finally breaks
humiliate him
let us rough him up


It would require a different tune. But since the lyrics have not been set to music to date that's actually not an issue ;-)

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