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14. Dezember 2013 6 14 /12 /Dezember /2013 12:22

I love the title! Don't ask how I came up with this one... I wavered for a while if it should be "vigorously" or "furiously", deciding on the latter. I had already written about a nymphomaniac - "I love you all", I'm writing about infidel men all the time, so it was about time for this one. This is its chorus:


don't you cock your eyebrows
try biting back your morals
you can do me properly
or I can give you oral
try to see it my way
I don't care what people say
today I'm furiously gay


Funny bridge, by the way - check it out if you're interested. Probably the best bridge I've written so far (I'm not good at bridges) because it gives the song a completely new direction...

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