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29. März 2014 6 29 /03 /März /2014 14:07

.. to match his music. This time I not only have the music with sung nonsense lyrics but also a text that Fabio had written himself but discarded. This I can use a my 'template' to match my own words with. I then use the music to double-check, namely if I intend to add or scrap a syllable.


An example:



Close my eyes, 'coz they went weaker
Candlelight to burn my pain
Close my eyes and cure my fever
Paralyze and suffocate



my mind seems to teem with maggots
tiny flies dance in my eyes
I can hear the wood worms knocking
in my dreams cicadas cry


Well, the idea as to what the song is supposed to be about, comes from Fabio: a man is going insane, someone - maybe an angel - appears and may help ... or not ;-)


It's not sure that Fabio and I will team up. He asked for assistence on a songwriting board, and I suggested a little competition. I hope that I'll win the competition and that my lyrics will make it on the CD he is planning. But then, if the result is just another cool lyrics, that's fine by me as well. It wouldn't be the first time my lyrics were rejected - or rather simply ignored. Normally, to be rediscovered sometime later ;-)

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