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22. August 2013 4 22 /08 /August /2013 19:42

This is the chorus that I wrote (the first chorus, the later ones are in past tense):


the rush hour's craze took its toll
a victim's spouse to console
her kid, too young to understand,
reaches for his mother's hand
and says "I cannot sleep
where the angels come to weep"


And this is what the Selfastrays sing:


(And) when the daily rush-hour's craze
takes its victims till we fall from grace
there´s a kid, too young to understand,
reaching out for his mothers hand
and it says "I can not sleep,
where the angels come to weep"


A little more obscure and open to interpretation - which I actually consider an advantage. The song is Punk Rock, by the way, and this is how it sounds:

YouTube Video


Have fun and

take care!



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