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5. Oktober 2013 6 05 /10 /Oktober /2013 10:17

I had got it all wrong! The chorus was the verse and vice versa. Alex and I made or rather re-defined the second part of the verse a pre-chorus - less lines to write ;-) Alex also suggested to swap the lines "where the music plays" and "where the party's on" to get the rhymes closer together (you might note that I had already changed the lines a bit). The pre-chorus now goes:


come on dancing
come on, join the fun
come on dancing
where the party's on
let's go dancing
where the music plays
keep on dancing
turn the nights to days


This is the chorus:


we keep on dancing all through the nights
while we are bathing in blazing lights
we take it easy, we've got it right
'cause we lead our lives under (the) disco light


"Under the disco light" is a much better title than the corny "keep on dancing". I love the line "we lead our live under the disco light". Let it appeal to you, and you'll see that - and why - it's a very typical Harmsen ;-)


I actually expected Alex to reject the second verse - he didn't:


when life
is reset to zero
let's go
where all folks are heroes


Have a great weekend (I'm still cooling my swollen cheek afterr a visti to the dentist, it doesn't hurt, so it's alright.).



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