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1. Februar 2014 6 01 /02 /Februar /2014 17:46

I put down some lines of text the other day with the intention of writing some nonsense song, a funny and weird song that would be open for different interpretations - or none at all. The memory of "I am the walrus" popped up somewhere in the back of my mind. After "pool of blood" and "claim my right" I thought it was time write something light for a change. "I'm living in a trash bin" was the first line that came to my mind. I went on from there:


I'm living in a trash bin
I smell of rotten fruit
I dress kind of casually
I have no use for suits

I'm living at the low end
I don't go to work
I'm happy and contented
wallowing in dirt

I wear a stupid grin
I never went to school
maybe you are superior
and maybe I'm a fool

you scorn and deride me
you don't care who I am
the day that I'm dying
you can have my ham


I'm fat, I like to eat
and I know no false shame


That I might be writing from the perspective of a pig only came to my mind when I thought about a rhyme for "am". Only later I came up with the idea to put in some reference to Diogenes in the chorus. So I began doing a little research on Diogenes. Well, truth be told, I simply checked Wikipedia, and I put down these lines:

I have no pretensions
don't care for conventions
I disdain hypocrites
call me dog, call me misfit [clumsy rhyme, I'd like to keep the hypocrites in, though ...]

That's what have at the moment. I consider rewriting the lot to make it a song about Diogenes - from his own perspective. I'll have to scrap the "trash bin" then - my very first idea - and make it a barrel.

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