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31. August 2013 6 31 /08 /August /2013 13:38

... and can tackle my self-imposed task, compiling a new - real big - lyrics collection. I'll check, correct, and edit the lot, replacing one or the other with an improved re-write, like, for example,  "who I am". This will take a while since I don't intend stop writing more lyrics at the same time, heading towards the next 333 to publish ;-)


Number 333 is not exactly outstanding. It actually begins real corny:


"I'm riding in my car"


Now, if this isn't the most overused cliché of all times! The title is "I could do it all the time" - and if you're guessing what it is about you're probably right ;-)


Number 332 was "don't you feel it". I had written about it on this blog. Here is the recording


There is no digital clipping in the chorus, by the way. I used an overdrive effect to give my voice a more rock-like feel. My voice may agree with folk, it certainly doesn't with rock. Unfortunately, I like rock music much more than folk. Even more unfortunately, people listen to the production, not to the ideas behind it, as much as you claim that whatever you do is just providing some very rough demos or drafts. Hence the overdrive - it might bring the recorded vocals slightly closer to what I envision. Never mind, we're talking about lyrics here, not about music production...


Have a great weekend!

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