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26. August 2013 1 26 /08 /August /2013 16:36

I will call the song I just mentioned in my last post "DON'T you feel it" - not "can't" as in my example . These are its lyrics:


you keep beating | around the bush
pussyfooting | around me
I don't want to | urge and push
just need to know: | where are we

can't you see it?
don't you feel it?

don't know if I | stand a chance
it could be you | give no dime
is it better | to advance
or do you just | need more time

can't you see it?
don't you feel it?
sometimes you find | me amusing
then you mock me | just like that
often you are |quite confusing
next you are a | pussycat

can't you see it?
don't you feel it?


can't you see it?
don't you feel it?



The pipe symbols indicate rests it the tune. I put them in so I can see how to group the words to make them match the music. These are not exactly my best and brightest lyrics ever, but they will do for a simple rock tune ;-)

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