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11. Dezember 2013 3 11 /12 /Dezember /2013 09:04

There were several helpful comments on "off-season" and "let's bully him". I was never content with the latter because no bully would ever express it that way. I will probably rename that text "let's rough him up" - and also avoid the line that directly refers to suicide.

At the same time I'm working on "Beco", the text in honour of formula one driver Ayrton Senna. I have got the vocal line and actually already completed two verses - there are only two - and the lift. I am struggling with the chorus that is expanded in its repetitions so it's hard placing anything 'hooky' in it.


This is the basic chorus I have at the moment:


risks are taken
all limits broken
breaking loose
tires lose their grip
a wall is hit
this is bad news

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