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28. August 2013 3 28 /08 /August /2013 08:05

Craig needed an extra syllable in the name to make the text match the tune he had in mind, so "Rachel" became "Emily". Folk-Rock. Here is the song:


"Emily" on SoundClick


... and these are its lyrics


no excitement, neither fun
that was life to her
nothing to look forward to
inside something stirred

being drawn by some unknown force
and bright city lights
she had packed some of her things
and left home at night
she would try to find her way
and hitch a ride

Emily, sweet girl
What have you done
Emily, sweet girl
You had to run
Emily, sweet girl
To reach the sun
Emily, sweet girl
Where have you gone

She had kissed her past Goodbye
and lost childhood days
she would sparkle, she would shine
in her own way
nothing could make her come back
She’d never sway


all her dreams would soon come true
her share of luck out of the blue
all the visions she would see
everything she’d hope to be


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Published by Texter Bernd
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