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25. Oktober 2013 5 25 /10 /Oktober /2013 07:50

Another verse:

when we visit friends of ours
she makes jokes at my expense
she ignores when I get tense
says I must not take offense

The first line first went "when we are visiting our friends", but the rhyme was not intended since all other verses have a rhyme scheme that goes XAAA, hence "when we visit friends of ours" . The numbers of syllables per line vary in the verses, somtimes there are eight, somtimes seven. Where there are eight syllables per line the lines begin with an upbeat note, where there are seven they begin with the stressed note on the first beat of the bar.

... and a bridge:

in one respect she sure is scoring
she may be mean, but never boring
when she's hot, and feels like snuggling
she surrenders without struggling
and becomes my love magician
'cause she's free from inhibitions

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Published by Texter Bernd
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