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28. April 2014 1 28 /04 /April /2014 15:02

No, not really...

Three backing tracks are in the making. 2014-05 (composition #5 this year) I completed yesterday, including a solo. It's the first time I play slide guitar - I had bought a slide (also called bottleneck) the other day - and open G tuning so I could play it comfortably. All this track now lacks is the vocals. But before I can record them I need - well, lyrics ;-)


Two other backing tracks only consist of the guitar parts at the moment. You know, I love playing the guitar in spite of the fact that my playing skills are QUITE limited. Anyway, that's why my own compositions (if one can call it that) often begin with recording a guitar track. I don't like playing and editing the Midi parts - bass and drums - very much, so they come sometime later. Neither do I care much for the production part, except adding reverb to my vocals ;-) Makes me sound fuller better :-)


My plans for the next future: completing backing tracks #3 and #4. The former ones have become "where shall we end up" - by the way, this was the first time I actually could 'recycle' lyrics I had already written - and "lifelong pleasure". Then I will try to find fitting lyrics for the three songs - or write completely new ones as I often feel I have to do. Then think tunes INTO the backing tracks - well, actually this goes hand in hand with writing the lyrics or identifying matching ones. At last sing the songs and 'master' them (if one can call it that).


What are your plans?


Have fun,


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