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7. Juni 2014 6 07 /06 /Juni /2014 15:05

While I'm supposed to write for yet another producer* I completed "no knight tonight", a little lyrics project of my own that had been resting uncompleted for months. But that's not what I wanted to write about at all...


Well, aside from his tune Tobias sent me some sample lyrics that he likes and asked for something similar. Pop-music, pop-lyrics ;-) with some kind of "cheer-up" message: times have been hard, everything will be fine, you'll find the love of your life. Since I couldn't come up with anything new and original I exploited "nothing wrong with change", "pastures new", and a text I wrote for Katharina who I never heard from again called "light and carefree". The title will be "take off".



*my experience with - I tend to say 'so-called' - producers is that nothing comes of it. Most, if not all, are hobbyists anyway. Trying to 'make it' by producing songs for the internet is bound to fail. The same applies to musicians who try to base a career on internet postings. Without the backing of live performances and a solid fan base they won't make it.

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