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23. März 2014 7 23 /03 /März /2014 16:08

Yet again I have a backing track with no matching lyrics - as far as I can make out at the moment. I recorded and edited the track sometime earlier this year and only rediscovered it recently when I was about to record the vocals for "lifelong pleasure". You know, I name my music tracks 2014-01, 2014-02 and so on. "lifelong pleasure" was 2014-02. When listening into 2014-01 I noticed that it was complete apart from the vocals. Now I'm looking for fitting words.


I've made notes as to how many lines of text I will need:

verses: 4 lines

lift: 3 lines

chorus: 6 lines

no bridge


There are two verses.


Had I anticipated my recurring 'problem' I would have created a database to index my own lyrics as for their parts (verse, lift, chorus, bridge), the numbers of lines per part, and their respective lengths*. That would have made searching for a matching text much easier. As things are, I'll probably write yet another text - that seems easier than going through all 360 I've already written...



* I am a databse professional. You would not have thought that it would take me 12 years to come up with that solution, would you?

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