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13. April 2014 7 13 /04 /April /2014 16:04

I completed a set of nonsense(?) rhymes today - after letting them rest for about three months. indulging in my rhyme addiction was what I posted at that time. After regrouping the distiches, including a few I had added a while ago and discarding others I wrote a chorus and a bridge today.


The text goes:


they shot a missile 'cross my day
I watched all my thoughts fade away

I'm hoisting up the flag of truce
though I was told it was no use

I asked for the president
because I found this had to end



shit happens
the world goes under
just wait and watch it
burst asunder
maybe it
makes me look sleazy
that I try
to take things easy

I lost my job - they're cutting down
another cause to paint the town

I found a lover in my bag
I pulled her out to have a shag

some kill for bread, I kill for rhyme
it's just the way I spend my time





and when the day is over
when night time comes
I'll be none the wiser
but I'll have had my fun



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