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4. Oktober 2013 5 04 /10 /Oktober /2013 15:34

It's a bore of a title, I'm afraid! I can't tell you how hard it is to write easygoing stuff: let's party, let's have fun... What exactly could you possibly write without repeating the very same bullshit over and over? Excuse my French! Alex has send a tune that he asked me to find fitting words for. The song is supposed to deal with having fun. Full stop! The - rather few - lyrics I've written so far on that very subject don't match.


Here's what I've go so far - a perfect match, by the way, except the word "and" that may be omitted, hence the brackets:


get up
when darkness is falling
let's go
where bright lights are calling

come on dancing
come on, (and) join the fun
come on dancing
where the music plays
keep on dancing
while the party's on
keep on dancing
while the music plays

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