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9. April 2014 3 09 /04 /April /2014 11:16

I received this musical - what shall we call it - draft... The sound is sooo ugly. Scratching Midi-noise with Sonja singing and squeaking "la la la - lalalala - la"... Although Hot Mama have an idea as to what the song might be about they didn't tell me. Now I'm waiting for some inspiration...


First step: identifying and marking the relevant parts. Basically, the song seems to be

verse - chorus - verse - chorus - [solo] - (extended) chorus


Maybe there is actually a lift before the chorus. I'll have to split it into sections anyway as it's 24 seconds long - the last chorus even lasts 34 seconds. I will look at the repeated lines seperately. They'll probably have to make the hook. Did I tell you that I normally begin with writing the chorus? Well, now you know ;-) There are exceptions, there always are, but not many.


Not much room for story-telling as there are only two verses lasting 16 seconds each...

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