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2. März 2014 7 02 /03 /März /2014 17:35

Over a couple of weaks I gathered verses for a new text with the working title "old age". These are the verses (I added the third only a few minutes ago):


a girl enters the room
one of the candy stripers
she switches on the light
she's come to change your diaper

it makes you feel ashamed
bein' helpless as a baby
a man who wets his pants
in front of this young lady

the girl shakes up your pillow
ignoring stains of spittle
she's also brought your breakfast
you'll try hard not to dribble

you envy the demented
the mercy of forgetting
how much would you give for
stop fretting and regretting


Then there is a chrous - or maybe just a bridge - I put down the other day:


when no-one understands
when all reason makes no sense
it can only mean
that your future ends


They could go together, I think, but should they? I'm not sure...

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