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2. Dezember 2013 1 02 /12 /Dezember /2013 12:11

The second tune by Ethan that I will set to words. Can one say it this way - to set music to words? Anyway, I analysed the structure first, it goes:


(a very, very short) Intro - Verse - Part 1-  Verse - Part 2


First I thought, there would be a chorus, but I called the part in question "Part 1" since it is not repeated. And what sounds like a bridge I called "Part 2" since it's the last part of the tune - maybe it's an outro, after all, never mind.


The times are

I     0:12
V    0:21-1:06
P1 1:09-1:34
V    1:45-2:30
P2  2:33-2:56


The intro only has five syllables, something like "it's alright - oh - yeah". I'll get to that later when I have an idea what the song might be about.


For the verses I will use my 'template method', that is putting down lines of text that match the tune perfectly yet don't need to make any sense at all, like:


I miss the church, I can't afford it, all alone
you kill the stars, we can surround them, come and go
I can afford this, I can explain this, by myself
(by myself)
I can ignore it, I feel it on and, over me


Next I will replace these words with others that actually do make sense. If they follow the same meter they will match the tune. That's it - that's the 'template method'! The expression in brackets is optional, by the way, it only occurs in the second verse.


In case you're not following my blog regularly, the first lyrics I wrote for Ethan are called "silver stream":

a silver stream and three new lyrics on my homepage


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