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20. Dezember 2013 5 20 /12 /Dezember /2013 16:27

It has a story that is nearly as weird as the song itself. Although I'm a lousy guitar player I love playing the guitar. Over time I record guitar tracks that I eventually paste together to create backing tracks, partly just so I can play solos on top of them, partly to create songs. I also add MIDI drums and a MIDI bass. The result are backing tracks that have neither a vocal line - a real melody - nor lyrics to them. On the other hand I keep on writing lyrics all the time. Unfortunately, the completed lyrics never seem to match the music I record. This time, though, somebody 'bumped up' my post on "dirty Dick" when I had completed yet another 'tuneless' backing track. I considered it a sign and tried the text on the track - and Bingo! I could make it match if I shifted parts and sang other parts parallel(!). That's what I did this afternoon.


 this is the result


Not exactly a Christmas song, I'm afraid ;-)

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