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3. Februar 2014 1 03 /02 /Februar /2014 18:50

I rewrote the lot and it differs a lot, maybe I can use parts of the planned nonsense-lyrics in some other context. You can find the complete lyrics on my home page. "Diogenes" begins:


I live in a barrel
prefer the simple life
your corrupt society's
no goal for which I strive

I don't mind the public
when I relieve myself
you screw up your nose
but it's not me who smells

if you ask me what it is I do
I hold the mirror up to you


I actually did use a few of the lines I had before in the next part:


I'm living at the low end
I do not go to work
I'm happy and contented



I have no pretensions
disdain the hypocrits



But on the whole the original text is hardly recognizable. I simply went where my writing lead me ;-)

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