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11. November 2013 1 11 /11 /November /2013 18:44

While I am - still - working on my all-engrossing lyrics collection I am kind of raising an inventory as a sideline.


I discovered one dublicate in my Excel-Sheet, another text was not a song text at all but containes four short 'narratives' I once wrote for Martin from Austria, so there are 'only' 336 unique lyrics (plus several rewrites). To date 48 songs have been registered with PROs - these are the ones that are being performed or are meant to be produced professionally, the 'commercial' ones. I will list 103 more songs that have been published on the internet, and several that haven't. These are the privat projects of musicians who use my lyrics including myself (where the term 'musician' might be a little far-fetched). There may be more songs with my lyrics somewhere on the net that I haven't heard of yet. There certainly are several more that I know of yet couldn't find.


Browsing through my partner's links I discovered that KOMIR have meanwhile produced and published 26 songs with my lyrics. That should be reason enough to draw some attention to their site:


Komir (it's in German; there are many more songs than the 26 I just mentioned; most English ones use my lyrics)


If you prefer videos (and BEAUTIFUL videos they are):


Komir on YouTube


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