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19. Januar 2014 7 19 /01 /Januar /2014 15:03

It's not as bad as it might have been...


I checked (re-checked actually) all my lyrics for possible "if versus when" errors, typical errors Germans make when speaking or writing English. I'm German, I'm no exception. In the end I modified three lyrics:

- call a spade a spade

- up to you (there are two "up to you's", it's the first one I wrote, yet the second in the collection)

- Vanity (here I left the "when" but changed "you'll" to "you" because I actually meant "whenever" from the beginning; if the meaning is "whenever" you can use either "if" or "when" - I prefer "when")


I also rewrote "scavengers" regaining the rhyme I first had in mind: lost - crossed - toss.


The updated versions have been replaced in the file that's available from the internet archive, I also posted them on my home page under "latest additions".

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