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12. März 2014 3 12 /03 /März /2014 11:11

Communication has two sides, a sender and a receiver. What the receiver 'sees' in a communication need not be what the sender meant. Lyrics have words, songs trigger emotions. What the listeners perceive and feel need not reflect what the songwriter thought when writing the song. As John Lennon would have put it: I only put down the words, you make up the meaning.


I'm a rhyming 'addict'. I'm unhappy when there are no rhymes in a song text. When I began putting it together "once full of hope" - then just a working title that read "old man" - I intended to write a cynical song. Its basic message was to be that powerful, rich, and conceited men will eventually die and probably suffer just like any poor sod. So, what was their power, money, or arrogance good for, after all? There are lines in my lyrics that still point to my original intention, like "once the big boss...". Yet during the writing process, i.e. moving forward from rhyme to rhyme, my lyrics actually became more serious than I had intended. They could apply to my father when he died, or any dying man in a hospice, someday they might apply to myself - not exactly a comforting image.


Anyway, my lyrics were taken seriously and were well received by fellow songwriters (and corrected as well):

reactions on Muse's Muse


I consider them "carpe diem lyrics", by the way, in a kind of reversed sense: see what could happen to you, so make the most of what you're having now.


Seize the day!


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