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5. Dezember 2013 4 05 /12 /Dezember /2013 12:35

After the nonsense template come words and lines of text that eventually could make the lyrics. Using the template that I mentioned last


I miss the church, I can't afford it, all alone
you kill the stars, we can surround them, come and go
I can afford this, I can explain this, by myself
(by myself)
I can ignore it, I feel it on and, over me


... I wrote this:


if all was clear - you'd need not ask me - how or why
if all was clear - you could forgive me - a white lie
why can't you see - that you're the one who - I've fallen for
give us a chance - and try to trust me - a little more


(leaving out the little optional part, you could simply repeat "fallen for", I guess).

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