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1. September 2013 7 01 /09 /September /2013 16:08

I just told Nici that I'm a rhyme-addict. It's amazing how my 'addiction' often(!) changes the direction of my lyrics. One example is "let's procratinate" that I originally intended as derisive lyrics, making light of procrastinators (I had a particular person in mind). In the end the lyrics came out cheering(!) procrastination as a valid od even preferable  way of life.


Similar things happened to "am I counting". This could have made a rather depressing song. The chorus - that I wrote first - leaves this option open, although the first two lines are a little obscure:


am I counting three, four, five?
am I counting for my life?
do I count for you at all?
will you stop me in my fall?
am I counting


The first verse still could lead the  song in a serious direction:


I guess that I have made some mistake
that caused me to fall from grace
once you would smile at me kindly
now you're screwing up your face


In the third verse (self-)irony begins to creep in:


from love to lover I kept moving
somehow like a butterfly
my life used to be so easy
suddenly this stopped, but why?


Actually this verse has bridge-character, changing the direction of the song. The designated bridge just expands on this new direction:


when someone makes demands
it causes me to run
don't you understand
that I just want some fun
I never meant no harm
so what caused you to sway?
I must have lost my charm
why have you turned away?


I actually leave the answer open, but it's rather obvious anyway, isn't it?


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