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23. April 2014 3 23 /04 /April /2014 13:07

"Misfit" - not "no reason". "Misfit" lifts the mist of obscurity a little but the text remains vague enough (I love vague): WHAT exactly is wrong with 'you' remains unclear.


you tried to talk
you tried to explain
but all your efforts
were always in vain
when you looked in their eyes
when you tried to draw near
what you would see  [the verb "spot" was not quite fitting]

was this sparkle of fear


The bridge now goes:


but then,
why should you be the one to pay
why should you do yourself away
why should you take all the blame
why not simply change the game


A different rhyme pattern AABB so it stands out a bit more.


Have a good time

and watch out for weirdos!

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